Sunday, 10 April 2011

Counting Down To London Book Fair!

I am slightly worried about writing my first blog post in case my SCBWI critique group give me feedback on it!!   They are a fab bunch whose personal blogs manage to be disconcertingly witty and engaging but variety is the spice of life so I will continue....

It's a gorgeous, sunny Sunday evening and for once I don't have that sinking 'last of the weekend' feeling as I contemplate what should be 3 informative and fun filled days at London Book Fair.  I feel positively pious as I justify to myself that not only am I having time off but I am hopefully being propelled further down the road of a striving children's writer. The alarm clock is set and Mark and I will be heading towards Earl's Court for the first talk on CodeMantra at 10.00 a.m.  I say this knowledgeably but I had to ask Mark what it was and when he started talking about ISBN numbers I have to admit I will probably grab a coffee during this scintillating talk! However, do not fear, there are other extremely interesting talks throughout the day that are not specific to I.T whizzes.  I am particularly looking forward to the talk on marketing your book ( a little premature perhaps but I like to be prepared!) how the digital generation is reinventing the art of storytelling and the secrets of success to Children and Youth books. Hopefully I will soak up useful tips and become a formidable source of knowledge.

Over the 3 days there are also talks on new books from UK children's publishers, children's publishing across the world and interviews with those greats like Lauren Child.  All in all it should be a great event with the only negative being trying to decide which of 2 talks to go to on at the same time.  You could always do what Mark and I are going to do and split the talks with a friend and report back to each other. Alas, I am gutted to be missing the talk by one of my favourite adult writers Kazuo Ishiguro but as a budding librarian the talk on public libraries beckoned.  

Anyways, I'll be sure to blog after the fair and reveal what I got out of it.  If anyone is coming to the London Book Fair do say hi.  Mark has described himself as Ade Edmondson from Bottom and has told me the best description I can give for myself is that I have black curly hair and smile a lot.  If that doesn't put you off we hope to see you there!