Thursday, 21 July 2011

Welcome to Monkey Towers

The Monkey Lounge
The clamour, emails, tweets, paper-plane notes, messages beamed on to the moon, dancing mice-ograms have been literally non-existent about why there hasn't been a blog entry for so long. In fact only Nick Cross asked if I was going to do any more Amazing Writing Advice features. Yes, he's probably scared he'll get anonymously referenced in a incredibly cheeky/insulting way again.

But if you are interested, there haven't been any new blog entries because Lauren and I have been moving into Monkey Towers together. Now we live together I can make sure she writes all  those blog entries she promises to do. Possibly.
The Monkey Roof

But after carrying endless boxes and bags up and down four flights of stairs I'm left with completely awesome guns. with trying to get back in to a writing pattern. But how do I do that? I'm not sure. Maybe I should read Bekki Hill's new book 'Coach Yourself to Writing Success'? Yes, that is a plug. Or maybe Nicolas Morgan's Book 'Write to be Published'. That's another one.

Or maybe I should just write something...