Thursday, 25 August 2011

Techno-geeky Nonsense #2: Author photo in Google Searches...Continued!

So, who tried to get their picture added to Google searches?


You bunch of slackers.

I did and here are the results!

So as you can see, no author picture, damn it! But it has only been a couple of days and it could well take a while to get added. On the plus side I'm pretty close to topping the search term 'amazing writing tips'. I will persevere as I find it quite interesting and it'll do the blog some good.

Roughly, what you have to do is:

1. Create a Google profile if you haven't got one. If you are on Google+ you'll have one.
2. Add a link to your profile to your website. My link is over there on the right, that black google-y button.
3. Add a link for your website to your Google profile.

That's it. You'll need to add some information to your profile and Google recommend a good clear headshot (BLAM!).

Anyway, here's the link to the full instructions again:

I'll stick an update on here if my image starts appearing. I check about once every 15 minutes at the moment.