Saturday, 24 September 2011

Storytellers, Writers and Google Plus

He's musing
Bit of a short, mixed bag of a post as I was ill for most of last week and still feel like someone is kicking me in the head.

Firstly, here's a 5 minute interview with Philip Pullman. What I found interesting about it was the part (2.33 mins in) where he's asked if he sees himself as a storyteller or a writer. He say's a storyteller as he is interested in the events, plot and the workings of a story rather than a writer who would be interested in the words and sentence construction rather than plot. So what are you? I think I'm a storyteller, mainly because I have trouble spelling words and constructing sentences and it sounds much, much cooler.*

Second thing is the changes that Google have made to Google+ this week, mainly to the hangout function. Hangout started off by letting you video chat to a limited group of people on your computer. Now it's been updated so you can use it on your smart phone, can make broadcasts from it to a larger group of people or edit Google documents in it. It seems very similar to a lot of the Google Wave functionality if you ever used that before it got moth-balled. But editing documents as a group over live chat could make e-critique groups very interesting.

Here's the full blog post about the Google Plus changes, it is open to everyone now so why not give it a try?



* I wish I was joking.