Thursday, 27 October 2011

Amazing Writing Tips #5: Critique Groups, Should I stay or Should I go?

A typical crit group
There are two kinds of writers in this world; Those that think going to a regular critique group is a good idea and those that are published. Critique groups are usually the home of twisted nutters and escaped lunatics.

They'll be quick to rip your time-travelling robot falls in love with dogman mutant from the sewers who save the poor autistic girl from the evil vicars masterpiece. But I tell you now, genius is never recognised in its own time or in a pub on the A38 just outside Buckfast.

So don't go. Or if you do go, just go once, show everyone your work and tell them how brilliant it is and tell them theirs is rubbish. Then be on your way.  Be really mean, they'll give up writing and you'll have eliminated some of the competition.

But to be honest you'd be better off asking the local ducks for advice.