Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I Know Nothing

I know nothing
Knowing nothing is tough. Last week I couldn't think of a single blog post idea, all because I know nothing and there are only so many authors I can insult on here and get away with it..

If you're reading this you probably know nothing too. You're probably read this in the hope that I'll say something daft or useful but I won't, as I know nothing.  I could recycle the stuff you've been told over and over again about dialogue and -ly  words and don't write about goblins because no one writes about goblins as they've been sent to Coventry. But you should know that and if you don't you'll find much better blogs about it elsewhere. So I won't and we'll just both be here knowing nothing.

So stop worrying about it and just write something. Or draw it if that's your thing. You might learning something, if you do let me know.



P.S. Actually I know loads and I'm awesome. I'm just not telling you my secrets.