Thursday, 8 March 2012

Amazing Writing Advice: The Residential!!!

Finally you can get what you've always wanted; a long weekend with me, learning direct from the master, over some of Lidl's finest wines, whiskies and pork scratchings. The residential course is for up to twenty people, hosted in my studio flat overlooking what used to be a stream in Slough.

The residential starts on Friday night with a relaxed BABATA (bring-a-bottle-and-take-away) session so we can all get to know each other. No pizzas or soft drinks, all wine must be 14% or over.

The Saturday morning session is 'Dig to Plot Victory' where we get to plot on my plot! I'll explain the best ways to plot a book while you dig my allotment. Refreshments of squash and carrots will be provided.

Lunch at King Kebab. Vegetarians and dog lovers should make their own arrangements.
Put your back into it!

Saturday evening is a character session in the Three Tins pub. Pick a local and build a story around him. Pints mandatory, stab proof vests optional but recommended.

Saturday Night recreational trip to Bongos Wine Bar.

Sunday Morning 'Utilising Experience on the Page'. I'll write a short paragraph capturing the torment of a hangover.
4 of your 5 a day

Sunday lunch, Frazzles and Star Trek.

Sunday Afternoon "Voice, finding and keeping it" I'll talk about how to make sure you don't lose your voice once you start visiting those libraries, schools, festivals, nunneries.

Sunday night - gifts and departure. Upon receipt of a suitable gift and review I'll return your car keys.

£1990, non refundable. Bring a sleeping bag, the shed gets drafty. Book early to avoid disappointment!