Thursday, 28 June 2012

Amazing Writing Advice #13: Don't Write, Read

As a hugely successful writer I like to give back. But I also see other less established writers giving 'advice'.  A common theme of this 'advice' is that you should write.


What's the point in writing when you don't know how to write? And you don't know how to write, trust me. So what you need to do is go round the whole internet and read every article on writing, good and bad, making notes. Then read all the books on writing, making notes and attend every single conference and workshop there is, making notes.

Making notes is the only writing you should be doing during this time (if they are hand written you may want to rent some storage space and buy a large forest and paper mill).

Obviously there is some kind of paradoxical thing is saying that you should ignore the advice of all those people that tell you to write and thentelling you that you have to read everything else they've ever  said. In answer to that all I can say is... LOOK A TWO HEADED SQUIRREL!!