Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Thirst - Part 2

The Thirst Part 1 can be found here.

Police buzzed around the village. Two officers sat in a car outside Josh’s house, others went from door to door along the street. Half the village searched the local woods and Dad joined them. He came back late and I hid, up on the landing, as he talked to Mum in the kitchen.

"No sign at all?" Mum asked. I could hear her filling the kettle, the tinny rattle then the scrap and creak of a chair as my dad sat.

"Nothing, we searched all over, and it’s true," Dad said. His voice sounded tight.


"Dave and some of the others are going to the traveller’s camp. Say they’ve stolen them."

"But the police have searched there."

Dad grunted. The kettle rumbled and clicked off. The sound of the hot water tumbling into cups rose up to me. I pressed my face against the banister. Five others had been taken. Five like Josh. Maybe some of my friends. I felt a little scared but mostly, mostly it was excitement.

I was kept in for the rest of the week; my mum didn’t even let me into the garden. I spent a lot of time on the web, looking at news articles and forums but there wasn’t anything apart from appeals for information. No one seemed to know what had happened.

Other than that I rattled around the house, playing my music loud, slamming doors, making as much mess as possible. I needed to drive Mum mad enough to let me out. I needed to find out what was going on. Finally Mum sent me to the shop. She pressed her mobile into my hand even though it was a two minute walk round the corner.

That’s where I saw Sara, on her own.

Sara was never on her own.

She was always with her twin sister, Jen. They went everywhere together. She looked different. Her hair uncombed, dark patches under her eyes. She wore a winter coat even though it was a blazing day.

I waited for her by the door of the shop.


She looked at me for a few seconds before she spoke.


"Where’s Jen?" I asked even though I knew. I knew when I first saw her on her own. I don’t even know why I asked her. She looked away, off into nothing then she looked back.

"They took her."

Seconds stretched out.

"They took Josh as well," I said, it felt inadequate compared to her twin sister. Jen stood watching me.

"Did you see them?" she asked slowly.

"I saw a girl and a baby in the fog. But they were difficult to make out."

Sara’s eyes flicked away again, looking off at something I couldn’t see.

"I was with Jen when they took her, right next to her. We both went out for the baby."

With a shiver I realised what she was looking at, she was looking back to the last time she’d seen her sister.

"I saw them. I saw them take her," Sara turned to me and I stepped back, there was so much anger and hate in her eyes. "I’m going to take her back."