Thursday, 5 July 2012

Book Pitch Rejections

Quite often I see agents mentioning on Twitter or Facebook or in their local pub what kind of work they'd quite like to see. Which gave me an idea! I could tell you what I've had rejected recently and by who then you can avoid submitting something similar to them. So here are my recent rejections:

'Where's my Boatswain?'
Pitch: Captain Higgs has lost his boatswain, and is looking all over the port for him. Eventually he has himself fired out of a cannon and he collides with the boatswain. Everyone gets drunk on rum.  27km wide picture book.

Response from Jenny Boffin: You've missed the boat on the Higgs Boson gig. Arf. Arf.

'Bob and his Farting Dog'
Pitch: Bob sticks a cork up his dog's bum and turns him into a balloon. They float off together on a wonderful adventure.

Response from Terry Trump Agency: Not enough farting.

'Daddy Boils the Ants'
Pitch: A little girl finds an ants' nest in the garden and her daddy pours a kettle of boiling water onto it. Picture book with pop-out boiled ants.

Response from Adam Dandy Associates: Inappropriate.

'Fifty Types of Wood'
Pitch: A young adult story about a girl who falls in love with her insulation tape obsessed woodwork teacher.

Response from Throbbing Knights Agency: Completely inappropriate.

All the best with your submissions.