Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Martian Tripod, Aristotle and Stephen King walk into a Blog Post...

After weeks of endless toil we've finally said good bye to the Woking Martian and hello to the Shropshire Lad, well quite a few of those actually. And now I face the horror of trying to remember how to blog. People used to say I was funny...

Nah, nothing coming, maybe I need to warm up with a few posts first. But what else can I write about...this is the worst blog post ever. I've done no writing for ages. I've got nothing.

Though I've read some interesting books recently. The lovely Julia Churchill recommended Story by Robert McKee and Save the Cat by Blake Synder while doing an #askagent on twitter. Story was really good, though I then spoke to a couple of people and read some blogs by people who argued quite well against some of Robert McKee's ideas. But it made me think a lot about conflict and structure and reversals and other stuff I should probably think about.
Julia Churchill (not the Woking Martian)

Save the Cat was interesting too, though I often found myself wanting to shove Blake Snyder's head down a toilet. Not a dirty toilet though, he isn't that annoying. But it left me with some good ideas about how to put some structure around how I write. Rather than just sitting down and going:





Now I'm reading Monkeys with Typewriters by Scarlett Thomas. Mainly because I'm hoping she's plagarised this blog and I can sue her. Unfortunately it doesn't and is instead full of good advice. DAMN HER EYES!

Other than that I've read Aristotle's Poetics, at least two of these books mentions it (and I want to ponce around saying that I've read it). Then I should probably read Stephen King's book about writing. Everyone says I should. I think it's called Pet Cemetery...

There we go, I think I'm getting back into it.