Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Book Pitch Rejections #3

Here are some more book ideas I've had rejected recently.

The Return of Black Beauty
Some kids eat dodgy burgers at a BBQ and get food poisoning.

Response from A. B. Toir Agency: Good idea but you've butchered it in execution.

Pirates vs. Bankers
A bunch of smelly, boozed up, cut-throat, immoral, bastards get murdered by some pirates.

Response from Stan Morley: A bit obvious.

Honk if you're Horny
The adventure of a bull called Horny brought up by geese. When the bull is taken to the slaughter house the geese track him down by his unique bull-goose honk and rescue him, sending a horse to be slaughtered in his place.

Response from Wings and Hoof Associates: Completely unbelievable. As if anyone could mistake a horse for a bull.

More rejections as I think of them receive them.