Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Time Comparison: Woking vs Ludlow


Get up 6:30am: Stay in bed for an extra half hour.

Leave for work 7: 30am: Wonder what I've just done for the last hour.

Drive to Windsor/Slough; Distance 19 miles: 50mins-80mins depending on how  many of the over-populated population aren't ski-ing, The Datchet Level Crossing of Doom, and if I spot a Red Kite or a Buzzard.

Work 9am-5:30pm: BOOKS!

Drive home: 50mins-1 millennium: See above but add everyone trying to avoid all the accidents on the motorway.

Get home 6:20pm+: Watch the squirrels. Possibly steal the neighbour's cat to stroke and calm down. Eat dinner.

7:30pm+: Do stuff I like. Write. Read. Play some crazy flash game where I have to save the universe. Phone people up I like or I am related to.

10:30pm+: Go to bed.

3:00am: Get woken up by drunken woman shouting, car alarms going off or the end of the world.


6:50am: Get up.

7:30/50am: leave for work. Think I should probably get up earlier to leave on time.

Drive to Hereford; Distance 27 miles: 40mins-50mins depending on which crazy route I choose, articulated lorries, tractors, Barn Owls, cute lambs, amazing views, insane amounts of potholes, Buzzards, checking out the name of a pub, brilliant dawns, snow on the hills.

Work 8:20/40am-4:20/40pm: WeBsTuFFz but no books. Sob.

Drive home: 40-50mins: Barn owls a-go-go!! Brilliant sunsets. Snow on the hills. Wonder why I've left work over an hour early...

Get home 5:00pm+: Stare at the hills. Get distracted by the painted on stars. Think about buying a Land Rover Defender and shooting all the rabbits...

6:00pm+: Eat dinner. Do what I like, then go down the pub.

9:00pm: Wonder how it is only 9pm seeing as I've drunk so much.

10:30pm: Sobered up, go to bed.

3:00am: Wake up as it's too quiet.

More on this experiment later.