Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Amazing Writing Advice #20: Ask Mark!

This week I've been investigating twitter and I've discovered two things.

  1. There's a lot of 'writing advice' going on on there.
  2. You can create these amazing things called hashtags (no, they don't come from Amsterdam, a-hahahahaha!) which let you sort of track your conversation. 
I witnessed some of this 'advice' being given out via a hashtag and decided to create my own so I could get the TRUTH! out there. I thought I'd include on this blog some of the questions I wasn't asked.

how do you present a text for story that's v dependent on images if not an illustrator? Would you describe at all? 
Anyone can draw, illustrators are overvalued. If they were necessary then the streets wouldn't be full of them scribbling bad caricatures. So do them yourself or, if that doesn't appeal, describe everything in minute detail.

A question for a friend. How would you say the YA market feels about romance/werewolves at the mo?
Just like the rest of us, it feels like vomiting. Also, 'A question for a friend'? Is there a reason why you were ashamed of this question?

Ever disagreed with publisher on something regarding a book? Edits or whatever. (I have utmost respect for their knowledge, btw.)
Endlessly, most of them have restraining orders out on me. Utmost respect for their knowledge? I don't know why, most of them are frustrated writers, unable to create true beauty like those of us touched by the muse, by an angel, by something beyond description through anything but dance. And so they take their frustration and try to destroy us! PITY THEM!

if an agent passes on a full ms request, is it ok to resubmit later if you revise heavily? 
Just send the original, they won't notice.

Are there any Do's & Don'ts for writing a query for a fictional series? 
Make sure you send in the full MS for all the books in the series. This'll save a lot of time. I suggest printing the whole thing off and driving it around yourself. You can make sure they read it ALL and don't cut any corners.

If you'd like to send me a question via twitter then just append it to with the hashtag #amazingwritingadvicefromthatamazingwriterwhodoestheblogandgivesthereallyamazingadvicetellstherealtruthaboutwritingandauthoringdonotlistentotheothers

You never know, I might feature your question on the blog!