Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dark Thoughts

+++Project Babylon+++

+++ Artifact recovered, 12-34-4001+++

+++Recovered from orbit around 12th planet. Outer structure heavily damaged. Inside contained various
technology not of our origin. Included in this, several encodings of the below transcript via different storage methods and languages, not all of which we were able to translate. Those that we did translate all resulted in approximately the below transcription. Some parts remain untranslatable.+++

Where to begin? How to describe this desperate effort, this one last gamble? We’re too late to help ourselves but maybe whoever finds this will have the time to find a solution. The solution we couldn't  But before the solution I need to describe the problem.

Back in +++untranslatable+++ , our greatest astrophysicists were intrigued by the missing mass in the universe. We expended vast resources researching where the mass was hidden, coming up with the theory of Dark Matter; matter that could only be seen from its gravitational effects.

Through hard work and ingenuity our astrophysicists created experiments that hinted at Dark Matter but we still hadn’t discovered the conclusive answer. A great experiment was designed to reach an answer. A new module was created for our most valuable space station and used our own planet’s gravity well to conduct the experiment.

During the final stages of setting up this experiment there was one dissenting voice, +++untranslatable+++, calling for the experiment to be abandoned. She was ridiculed and ignored.

The experiment discovered that massive amounts of Dark Matter were forming around our own planet. We were left with the question, where did it come from? We analysed the data further, and discovered that it was being created at an increasing rate.

The Dark Matter started to affect our solar system, threatening our existence. Our people, for the first time in our known history pulled together, uniting experts from all scientific spheres to address the problem. At the meeting the rate of growth of Dark Matter increased massively. No one found an answer; no one except that one dissenting voice.

We were creating the Dark Matter. It was the physical embodiment of our thought. The more we thought the more Dark Matter developed around our world. The very conference we’d created to remove the danger only increased it, sending our world off orbit spiralling towards the sun.

Panic ensued. We needed more time. But to gain more time we’d need less thought. Some governments turned to extreme measures; genocide of their neighbours. A few of us tried to come up with an answer. We realised that the Dark Matter we’d identified out in space indicated there had at least been intelligent life out there at some point. We created the Hermes Project. And you’re listening to it. To understand this message you’re on your way to developing the Dark Matter problem. I just hope you can find a solution to it.

+++ Since the start of Project Babylon, our races largest scientific project to-date, Dark Matter has grown by 1346% and now offers a significant threat to our planet.+++