Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Woot! Hoopla! and, indeed, Hurrah!

So in the universe where I'm not calling myself Manuel and living in a Brazilian hovel some very exciting things have been happening! Not only am I getting married in 25 days* and not only has my wedding hat arrived (and in the proper size!) but...

I've got an agent.

WHAT? I hear you shout.

WHO? I hear you exclaim.

CAN'T WE WARN THEM? I hear you cry.

No. No you can't. It's too late to warn them. I've signed with Alice Williams at David Higham. It's all been very exciting but I'm not going to tell you about that yet because I've got the other half of the bottle of champagne to finish and I have to pick my author photo.
The signing!

I'll be back soon (well within a couple of weeks probably) with the exciting details (which hat I wore to the meeting, how I overcame an exploding pen, the number of goats I had to sacrifice).



*Obviously had to put this in to keep Lauren happy.