Thursday, 1 August 2013

How I got an agent: the hat!

So I've received a lot of messages of congratulations in the last week (thanks Mum!) but I've also received lots of questions.

What hat did you wear? How did it help?

<- Well there it is in all its glory. As you can see it's a hat steeped in experience and wisdom. It's led a full life.

One of the first places this hat visited was India. Below you can see it at rest on its first day in Bangalore, recovering from jet lag. It was still in its prime, peak uncreased and not a single sweat mark on it. But India would test this new hat to the limits of its puggaree.

My young hat
Being a young hat, it made the most of its time in India, going on safaris, pub crawls and to illegal dancing clubs! It dragged me with it. I didn't want to go but I figured it probably needed me to look after it.

My hat and I enjoy the rooftop view
After India my hat and I had been through a lot. I knew I could trust it to stand on me and keep the slightly vexed sun off my vampiric scalp.

It wasn't long before we were off on another adventure, travelling to the wonderous world of Egypt, visiting the pyramids, exploring the restaurants and accidentally finding ourselves in the illegal dancing clubs.

My hat gazing at the pyramids
My hat learnt much in Cairo, how to get ripped off by dodgy shop keepers mainly. But yet again it kept my vanilla flavoured scalp safe from the annoyed sun.

Not long after Egypt we travelled to the other end of Africa, braving Lions, elephants and more dodgy shop keepers in the wilds of Cape Town.

Not my hat, that's a rock hyrax.
We met many a strange creature and drank quite a lot of wine while waiting for the British and Irish Lions to turn up and play a couple of games. All through this the hat stopped the angry sun from getting to my snow white scalp.

With all that experience my hat was an invaluable advisor and support when I met with Alice Williams. And it was quite hot on that day in London so he protected my milky white scalp from the raging sun.

But now my hat is long in the brim, it's time to put him out to grass and let him just be worn on my attempts at gardening. It's time for a new hat. A new hat for my wedding. And here's that beast, not long delivered by Pachacuti (Fair Trade panama hats FTW) and ready to crown my head on the 18th of August.  Hopefully my head won't swell up in the heat and burst through happens.

The all new hat!