Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Amazing Writing Advice #25: Being Inventive

25, eh? I'm surprised I got past five to be honest.

Anyway, as regular readers of this blog will have realised, I make quite a lot of spelling mistakes. Luckily I'm quite an inventive writer and I've come up with a full proof method to avoid spelling mistakes or difficulties with 'they're/there/their' or 'affect/effect' or 'it's/its/badger' ever happening again. From now on, if I don't know how to spell a word, I'll make up a completely new one! And if the problem is with words that sound the same but are spelt different I use the same made up word for all of them.

Synpsesisises is now TRUNDLEgrummm.
Tractor is now angel fish.
Badger is squirrel.
SCBWI is aweosme (subliminal - also I know I spelt awesome wrong, it's all very meta here at the moment).
Deranged is normal.
So instead of affect/effect I use booowyar.
Instead of they're/there/their I use karanga.
Instead of its/it's I use powow.

So some people, members of aweosme, may find this method completely normal. I don't think karanga right at all. Everything is so much simpler now, like culling squirrels on an angel fish. Simple.



p.s. All the spelling mistakes in everything I do are deliberate. It's ironic!