Monday, 20 January 2014

My New Desk

Until about 2 months ago I was writing either in bed (which was rubbish) or on a dinning room table while Emerdale was on (which was even rubbisher). The plus points were that I didn't have to pay rent and never had to go and visit my mum as Lauren and I were living with her until we found a place to live.

But then we did, wooo! (Sorry, Mum).

And now I've got a desk, a lovely desk in a sort of snuggy room just off the kitchen which has a hobbit hole style entrance and a dodgy transformer in the light. I've also got an enormous made to measure desk  so here is a picture of my desk with some exciting notes about it (they tie up with the hard to see numbers but you can see slightly bigger by clicking it)!

1. Pretentious chessboard.
2. Photo of orangutan instead of Lauren
3. Trailwalker certificate to remind myself never to do it again.
4. Mess
5. Emergency fez.

Also you can just see Percy the rat on the wall in the background, through the hobbity arch.

Next week maybe a picture of the bookshelves behind me. Though probably not. No one wants to see the horror of that...