Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Reuse, Rethink, Resketch (or how I'm addicted to Kickstarter)

I'm a doodler. I doodle when I'm thinking and when I'm not. I doodle when I'm working and when I'm supposed to be working. My home and work desk are both overwhelmed by mounds of Postit notes and scraps of papers covered in dragons, zombies, space ships, mazes, flowers...any piece of scrap paper gets covered in it. I debase myself so people provide me with their scrap paper.

So when I spotted on Kickstarter the Resketch project I got very excited and probably paid more than I could really afford to back it. But that's the nature of Kickstarter! The books are made from waste paper reclaimed from various sources. Flicking through the pages there's all different textures and colours mixed in with architectural plans and other interesting things.

Along with the main notebook I received a creative prompts book with lots of weird and interesting little sketches in it. It's going to be a shame to actually take my pen to both of them but on the plus side I'll be able to take them with me when I travel so I won't be carting around dozens of scraps of paper in my pockets. Those ones usually end up in the bottom of the washing machine.

You can now buy bundles of Resketch book from the resketch website.