Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Amazing Writing Advice #29: Ask Mark (Definitely not Julia)

Here I answer some more questions from budding authors that I in no way stole from an #askagent by Julia Churchill. They are all genuine queries sent to me here at my blog because I get lots of people asking me things and stuff, like.

'Do agents make allowances for new writers who make schoolboy errors & are scared stiff of the submission process? :)'
Same strict rules for everyone. Using a smilie in a tweet to an agent means you are blacklisted for 40 years.

'Is there a specific font agents prefer for query letters and partials/fulls?'
Agents really like this font  or maybe this one or if you are feeling really fancy this one. If you can't see what these crazy fonts look like due to internet badness just imagine vomit in text form. Agents prefer a full glass to a partially full one.

'If I'm submitting the first book in a trilogy, how much detail do agents need on the following books?'
None. You'll be rejected for daring to think you can get more than one book published.

'Hi Julia Mark! If your book is written in the 1st person, could the synopsis be too? Or always best in 3rd person?Thnx'
What are you asking about my book for? You should be asking about your book. Fool.

'I am a picture book author who can't draw! Would you recommend finding an illustrator, or just sending my texts?'
I recommend learning to draw. It's a picture book, it's full of pictures not words. Amateur.

'What's a good word count for a MG (7-9) children's novel'
240,000,000 words not one more not one less.

'If a YA book has YA characters but only a little PG-13 content, does it still qualify as YA??'
What is with all the initials? A YA book? Is that for Germans? Is PG-13 some kind of tea? What are you babbling about?

More insane questions from the book-scribling hopefuls when I next open 'my post bag'.