Monday, 21 April 2014

Writing Process Blog Tour - the root to success

When Sue Hyams came at me with the secateurs and a bumper pack of Weedz-B-Nuked the only way I could save myself was by agreeing to take part in the Writing Process Blog Tour. It's a blog tour about the writing process. I've got to answer some questions.

What am I working on?

I've got this whole new root system under a bit of old masonry you might have noticed to my left...oh, bookwise. That's quite difficult as, for a shrub, I'm quite flighty. I've got a farting goblin on the go and a weird H.P. Lovecraftian* slug based silly horror is getting pruned. But recently I've started planning a weird space horror adventure (I'm ripping off Aliens, sorry Bekki Hill) and there's a character called Pest punching my brain, demanding some attention.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

It's written by a mutant shrub. other than that I have no idea if it is different. I don't really know what I'm doing. All I've got is an old biro, some dock leaves and a whole taproot of misplaced belief!

Why do I write what I do?

It beats trying to talk to invasive ants. But making stuff up is a lot of fun so why not put some work in and see if anyone else likes it?

Ants have moved next door

How does my writing process work?

Hmmm, not sure I have a process. Generally I just start writing and see if it goes anywhere. Then I'll try to add some planning and research in as I go along. I edit a lot after it is finished. Edit edit edit. I think it is the shrub in me, editing is like pruning. Be ruthless and you'll get the space for it to develop, Percy Thrower told me that.

So that's my writing process. Maybe you think I'm just a crazy mutant shrub and maybe I am. I asked several other writer friends to take part next week:

Basil - Italian master of saucy love stories.

Sage - wannabe wizard writer of high fantasy! Has a pen of prose +10.

Ummmmm...can't remember...**

Unfortunately they all died from frost bite so won't be able to do it.***


Mark the Shrub

*Why isn't there a H.P. Lovecraft sauce?

** Oh yeah, Forget-me-not.

*** Sorry, I was just too lazy to ask anyone. If you want to take part let me know and I might update the post or you can find someone competent to follow on from.