Monday, 25 August 2014

Stuck in my cave. My Space Cave with lasers!!!!

Nick Cross wrote blog about coming out of his writing cave. It made me feel a bit guilty as, a bit like him but much worse, I haven't blogged for a donkey's yonk. Unlike him I haven't really been writing regularly, because my current writing cave zooms through space at super fast speeds and has lasers attached. It doesn't really involve writing.

Last year I discovered that the remake of Elite on Kickstarter. Elite was the first open computer game that I know of, originally allowing the player to fly around 2000ish star systems trading goods, being a pirate  (arggggh!), and generally shooting hot and blinding death at any polygon that got in your way. I was about 5 when it came out so I wasn't very good. But I used to watch my brother play it. He'd go about exploding ships and murdering their pilots, scooping up the narcotics and slaves they'd been transporting. This soon got incorporated into the games of Lego we played. These days I sometimes wonder if my parents were worried that I was a five year old drug running, slave trading Lego overlord.
Eat laser death!

But moving past the questionable morals of my youth, a few months ago I gained access to beta version of Elite (beta is like an ARC of the computer gaming world). And it is great fun. It now has 400 billion systems, or something like that, and the universe has become a pitiless, pretty, place. Unfortunately playing Elite tempted me. Next I found a remake of another game I played when I was younger. Xenonauts allowed me to battle an alien invasion during the 1970s and what it lacks in graphics it made up with in depth and humour.

So I've been frittering my time away on computer games (and quite a bit of gardening but that doesn't involve lasers or exploding aliens so I'll not go into details).

I'll admit to feeling a bit guilty about not writing so much at the moment. But I think the games have helped formulate a couple of writing ideas. I've also come up with my own Martian invasion board game so maybe playing games isn't quite the waste of time I had thought it was.

I've probably just got to avoid the 27 hour non-stop, in my pants sessions. I don't  think Lauren would like them. On the other had, we're married so she might just have to suck it up. No, I should avoid them for everyone's sake.

Hopefully grabbing a joystick again (it's called a Thrustmaster, I blush every time some one comes round and sees it) doesn't mean the end of my writing. I just need to find a balance. And maybe it will help fire some ideas, some really good publishable ideas .



P.S. You can find out more about Elite here and Xenonauts here.

P.S.S. The gardening did involve a fair amount of exploding slugs, I could tell you about that if you like?