Monday, 13 October 2014

Kurly's Poetry

A quick post about Kurly McGeachie who came to the writing group I  help run at Ludlow Library on Saturday. It was a great, engaging workshop involving lots of rap/poetry and included Sonnet 18 to 'Breathe' by the Prodigy which was an entertaining mix. He was probably lucky I didn't start dancing.

But you know this is just excuse to put up the short weird poem I wrote (short?! It's four lines!!!). I think Lauren was glad I didn't get to read it or anything else out but her hopes have been foiled by the internet! Bwa-hahahahaha!

Where did you find that monster crab?
I stole it from the madman's lab,
Watch out for its fearsome pincer,
Or you'll look like you're been through a giant mincer.

It sends a shiver down the spine, doesn't it?



Wednesday, 1 October 2014


So, as I wait for the latest beta version of Elite: Dangerous to download I thought I'd do a quick blog about my recent writing escapades. For the last few attempts at a story I've followed a simple writing premise:

  1. Get an idea
  2. Write to buggery, off the top of my head
But I've had a new idea and without going into detail it's quite complex and needs a bit of planning. This time I need to think about how things fit together. Not just chapters and event but also places. Usually I just make up a load of places, there aren't that many and they aren't too far from each other, and it didn't really matter too much about how they related (maybe this is why the stories are all a bit meh?!). But this time I'd like to fit the places together. I need a map!

Maps are awesome! I loved making maps when I was a kid, burning the edges and staining the paper with old tea bags. A map makes a book all the more brilliant. It gives a little glimpse of what's to come. I can remember reading The Hobbit and looking at the map in the cover, what were all these places like? Following Frodo as he journeyed onwards towards the Lonely Mountain.

Now I just have to decide how to draw the map; Do it all in one go before I start writing and let it be part of the structure I hang the story on?

Fill in some of the main parts that I am sure of now and fill in the rest as I go?

Or build it completely as I go? I quite like this one, especially if I use little scraps of paper to make the map. It'll mean I can add and remove parts f the map easily and also move parts about if I have to later. I'm going to try and build a composite map and it will be MAGNIFICENT!

Um, sorry about that. But yeah, I'm quite excited.

About making a map.

I don't get out much.

Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of the map and maybe a little bit about the places shown.


Mark (the map mad monkey)